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Grey Day @ Freax

October 1st 1999 at 00:00:01 UTC

<Begin Rant>

What's new today is that in solidarity with many other people who strive to provide original content on the WWW we're observing Grey Day.

We've replaced our usual Freax-o-Matic Roto-Rama rotating front door and some other pages with special grey pages for 24 hours. All the pages that you see grey today have previously been plundered, pilfered, pillaged and their images pirated away to other websites and elsewhere. This is our protest to draw attention to the problem and to educate people about Copyright issues.

Please visit the GreyDay.Org website and find out more. In our experience most copyright violations are a result of ignorance and/or laziness and it sucks!

If the page you were looking for is not available right now please bookmark it and come back any time after midnight UTC/GMT tonight.

We make no apologies for this minor inconvenience. When we find our work used without permission we often think of taking the whole damn lot offline for ever, maybe we will.

Listen, we're not here for the money, never were, but that doesn't mean you can rip us off, a little respect is all we ask.

Your comments are welcome

<End Rant>

Thanks for your attention, now click here to surf The Philm Freax Digital Archive!

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