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Rameses: a mascot's life


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Who are these freaks anyway?

Thanks for stopping by. This site is the work of 3 UNC-CH students: Adam Fuller, Jeremy Gross and Kevin McCormack in conjunction with Professor Paul Jones' Cybercasting class in the UNC-CH School of Journalism in the Fall of 1999.

Rameses was done by the three very special guys who busted their butts this football season to keep the fans entertained dispite the team's dismal performance. Hey, and these guys don't even get paid!!

Mascots Knuckle Heads
Paul Holshouser Paul "Freshmeat" Holshouser started mascotting this year. He roomed with Adam last year and quickly learned to appreciate finely-crafted wicker lounge chairs. Paul also likes to talk about cows. Jeremy Gross Jeremy Gross has a dream to make an action film starring both Rameses and Chow-Yun Fat. That failing, Jeremy will probably just move into a mountain cove.

Kristof Robinson Kristof Robinson has been mascotting for UNC for four years. He's a member of CHiPs, but stopped appearing in the reunion shows after Eric Estrada made that porn video. Kristof is very tall. Kevin McCormack An avid wrestling fan, Kevin McCormack taught Rameses a few new moves such as, "The Mascot Mauler," "The Tar Heel Tornado" and of course, the UNC fan-favorite: "The Duke Devastator."

Roger Smith Roger Smith has been mascotting for four years now. Adam is one of his roommates this year. Roger loves his mother.

"Hi Em!"

Adam Fuller Adam Fuller makes Roger leave the Rameses suit out in the hallway because it smells so bad. Contrary to popular opinion, Adam did not ditch a date to work on a java program.

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