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Rameses: a mascot's life

And in this corner....

Rameses is built ram-tough, but is he tough enough to take out Abraham Lincoln, William Shatner or Brad Pitt? Yeah, we saw Fight Club–several times. Hence the inspiration for this little section we lovingly call "Vs". If you're a Pearl Jam fan, this probably isn't your cup-o'-latte. But if you revel in senseless acts of mascot violence, then you've found the right place.

Now you decide. Below is a list of possible adversaries. You decide who Rameses could take out and who could take out Rameses. We add up the scores and draw the line between the winners and the losers.

Could Rameses beat the Duke Blue Devil?
Could Rameses defeat Georgia Tech's Buzz?
Rameses over UNC football coach Carl Torbush?
What about Dean Smith?
Batman and Rameses in a dark alley in the middle of the night–does Rameses stand a chance?
The Kool-Aid Man spills a bit onto Rameses. Can he get the kool-aid stain out before it sets?
Okay, the Kool-Aid Man spills a lot onto Rameses. Will Rameses show this old, washed-up excuse for a marketing ploy the door?
Does Rameses stand a chance against Godzilla?
How about just a guy in a big funny rubber Godzilla suit?
Rameses and Your Mother are locked in mortal combat. Will he execute his fatality move?
Rameses versus Adam in a game of Tekken (don't even think of saying yes)?
Rameses versus China's Red Army. Can Rameses finally put an end to communism?

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