First International Conference at Millersville University, April 10-11, 1992

"The Many Faces of Arthur Miller"

Keynote Speaker: Christopher Bigsby, "A British View of  an American Playwright."

Papers presented:
Qun Wang, "The Tragedy of Ethical Bewilderment."
George Jacob, "The Nature of Enlightenment in Miller's Tragedies."
Jeanne Johnsey, "Meeting Dr. Mengele: Naming, Self (Re)presentation and the Tragic Moment in Miller."
Terry Otten, "Arthur Miller and the Temptation of Innocence."
Brenda Murphy, "The Reformation of Biff Loman: A View from the Pre-Production Scripts."
Janet Balakian, "Salesman: Private Tensions Raised to a Poetic-Social Level."
Paula Langteau, "Miller's Salesman: An Early Version of Absurdist Theater."
Matthew Roudané, "From Page to Stage: Subtextual Dimension in the Theater of Arthur Miller."
Don Lawson, "Brecht and Miller."
Jon Tuttle, "The Families as Corporate Entity in Arthur Miller."
James A. Robinson, "Fathers and Sons in They Too Arise."
Mashiro Oikawa, "A Transformed Hero: Dr. Stockman in Arthur Miller's Adaptation of Ibsen's An Enemy of the People."
Andrea England Braun, "Eddie Wrecks: Probing the Author's Unconscious in A View from the Bridge."
Peter Chetta, "Arthur Miller: Theory and Practice."
Robert A. Martin, "Arthur Miller's After the Fall: The Critcial Context"
Gerald Weales, "Watching the Clock."
June Schlueter, "The Ride Down Mt. Morgan."
Robert Lee Feldman, "The Horror of the Holocaust: Miller's Playing for Time."
Steve Centola, "Temporality, Consciousness, and Transcendence in Danger: Memory!"
Timothy Miller, "John Proctor: Christian Revolutionary."
Rocio Davis, "'Make Your Peace with It' : The Conscience on Trial in The Crucible."
Gregory Thomas, "The Dynamics of Escalating Crisis: The Crucible and Victor Turner's Social Drama."
Robert J. Willis, "Arthur Miller's The Crucible: Relevant for All Time."

Participants also attended a performance of The American Clock by the Actors Company of Pennsylvania

A number of the conference's papers were collected and published by Steve Centola in The Achievement of Arthur Miller: New Essays (Contemporary Research Press, 1995).