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The Arthur Miller Theater at the University of Michigan

picture of theater 

Calls For Papers:
The Arthur Miller Society is always looking for anyone who would like to organize Miller panels at conferences, such as ALA, SAMLA, CDC, American Studies, ATHE--please contact our current President, Paula Langteau, with proposals/details.

During Arthur Miller's 2015 centennial year, the expectation is that conferences, theaters
and publishers will be especially interested in engaging with Miller material,
and so we encourage you to share any plans for celebrations,
publications or productions with the society that we can help to publicize,
or solicit us for ideas/assistance.

Ongoing CFP:

Arthur Miller Journal
Looking for papers on any aspect of the life and work of Arthur Miller for the Arthur Miller Journal which is published Spring and Fall. Go to the Journal page for more detail regarding submissions, subscriptions, contact e-mails for the various editors, and for contents of past volumes. You can make a submission to the Journal of an essay, performance review, or book review, as well as offer material for the notes section--directly at this website. If a Miller play is being produced in your area (check the listings below)--please attend and upload your review through the above link (website).

Málaga, Spain on 25th-27th May 2016

Humor in its various forms, as well as the effort to contain it, has been present from the very first traces of a theatrical tradition in America, which opens with an attempt to perform a farce being promptly suppressed by the authorities. Entertainment has always been a key function of American theatre, and humor has been among the most recurrent mechanisms when it came to getting an audience to laugh heartily and send it home in a hopeful, light mood, sure of its values and world-view, and conveniently “humored.” Music, vaudeville routines, slapstick, and countless other manifestations of so-called lowbrow theatrical culture (whether mistakenly or not) were often thought to pose no threat whatsoever to the status quo and the deep-seated convictions of audiences.  However, the repeated struggle to repress and control even supposedly innocent forms of entertainment suggests that, in spite of appearances, humor and comedy have been seen as no laughing matters, and have been used in potentially subversive ways to mirror, satirize and criticize the manners and foibles of society in the U.S.
The Fifth International Conference on American Theatre and Drama, a collaborative venture between three Spanish universities (Málaga, Cádiz, Seville) and the ATDS, is the continuation of a series of conferences that have brought together hundreds of American drama and theatre scholars from all over the world, and will be held in Málaga on 25th-27th May 2016.
For this event we would like to build on the possibilities opened up by the title to invite participants to look at the uses, purposes, kinds, and effects of humor and laughter as deployed by American playwrights over the years, both in entertaining and pleasing audiences, and in proving that laughing –at what or whom, when, where, how, and for what reason-- certainly matters.

The Conference can thus address, among many other topics, the origins and development of an ample variety of forms of entertainment and light comedy in the USA, examining such issues as the vaudeville, the musical, the romantic comedy, or the convention of the happy ending, as well as the transformation of such entertainment into a characteristic Broadway product and its later adaptations by Hollywood and the mass media. Conversely, it can consider why the playwrights often thought of as contributing most to the American theatrical tradition are those who have refused to treat many issues as simply “laughing matters,” and have not given audiences what they expected or demanded, either because they have not incorporated humor, or because they incorporated it in unexpected, challenging, unsettling ways. We are also interested in the work of the dramatists or theater professionals who have consistently refused to simply entertain America, and in why they have chosen to do so. The dialectic springing from the aims of authors keen on unsettling certain sensibilities and the eventual resistance of audiences can similarly yield fascinating insights sure to enrich the conference.

Presentations are invited on topics including, but not limited to, the following areas:
-Particular forms and genres: conventions, uses, transformations, adaptations. This might include farce, slapstick, romantic comedy, the musical, physical comedy, stand-up comedians…
-The functions of humor: Entertainment, comic relief, satire, sarcasm, irony…
-Humor as a therapeutic tool.
-Humor and the criticism of American culture, society and politics.
-Pleasing/confronting American audiences.
-The limits of humor: censorship, political correctness, audience reactions
- Audience reception: how does humor work from a cognitive perspective?
- Humor and the critics: revisiting how critics have tended to prioritize tragedy over comedy
- Transatlantic laughter: are there particular forms of American humor that simply do not work when staged abroad?
-Translating humor: linguistic, social and/or cultural elements
-Adapting laughter between genres: from dramatic text to film script
-The use of comedy as a feminist tool
-Humor and language: word play, signifyin’, sarcasm, etc.
-Camp as a specific tradition: parody, performance, identity
-Humor and minorities: Is there a specific Jewish-American/African-American/ Mexican-American/homosexual/lesbian… sense of humor?

To submit your proposal, please write a brief e-mail stating its title and including a 5-7 line resume, attach a 450 -word abstract, and send it to by September 30, 2015. Proposals will be carefully considered, and feedback will be provided within 45 days.

JCDE: Journal of Contemporary Drama in English    
Editors: Martin Middeke (Augsburg, Editor in Chief), Eckart Voigts (Brunswick),
Christina Wald (Berlin, Reviews), Clare Wallace (Prague)    

Publisher: De Gruyter (Berlin/Boston)    
The bi-annual, peer-reviewed journal focuses on contemporary Anglophone dramatic literature
and theatre performance. It renegotiates the understanding of contemporary aesthetics
of drama and theatre by treating dramatic texts of the last fifty years.    

For issue 2.2 (2014), we invite papers engaging in close readings of plays that also touch upon
historical, political, formal, theoretical and methodological aspects of contemporary drama, theatre, and performance.
Essays should be no longer than 8,000 words (including notes and bibliography) and should be

formatted according to MLA style (7th edition, 2009). Deadline for issue 2.2 (2014) is 15 June 2014.    
ESSAY CONTRIBUTIONS should be sent to:     Prof. Dr. Martin Middeke, Chair of English Literature,
University of Augsburg, Universitaetsstraße 10, D-86159 Augsburg, Germany.   

SUGGESTIONS FOR REVIEWS should be sent to: Prof. Dr. Christina Wald, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Philosophische Fakultät II, Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, Unter den Linden 6, D-10099 Berlin, Germany.   

Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies  published near the close of 2006 a special Arthur Miller Edition: Volume 11, Number 2 (2005):  ISSN:  12 18-7364  that contains several new essays on Miller's work--see details in the archive link below for Special Events/News/Releases 2007 regarding how to order yourself a copy.  The Journal is meanwhile looking for further submissions:  Manuscripts should conform to the latest edition of the MLA Handbook in all matters of style (parenthetical citations keyed to a works-cited list). Contributions on history should conform to the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. All submissions should be sent together with a disk copy of the article in Word 95 for Windows. All correspondence should be addressed to the Editor, HJEAS, University of Debrecen, Pf. 73, Hungary 4010; e-mail:

Below are photographs of Mr. Miller from the 9th International Arthur Miller Conference, taken by Dr. Jeffrey Mason, University of Oregon.

Conferences and Panels:
  (Link to AMS conference archive) (Link to ALA archive

Members, especially, please make every effort possible to attend any conference panels with
papers on Miller and
support the continuation of Arthur Miller scholarship.

Every year the Arthur Miller Society arranges for two panels and a business meeting at the American Literature Association (ALA) conference that takes place in May (alternating between Boston and San Francisco). Check their website ( for more details, and let us know if you are interested in organizing a future panel.

The Arthur Miller Centennial 
October 16-18, 2015  
Sponsored by the Arthur Miller Society at St. Francis College, Brooklyn, New York
CFP is complete, and we shall announce a number of exciting panels and presentations once the conference program has been finalized.
Conference Chair: Stephen Marino
 The Arthur Miller Journal
St. Francis College
180 Remsen Street
Brooklyn, New York 11202
Click here to get a .pdf flyer you can post to help spread the word!

Two exciting panel discussions organized by the Arthur Miller Society
were presented at the
26-28 March 2015
 Comparative Drama Conference in Baltimore:

Session Title: How Plays Become Classics – A Centennial Discussion of the Works of Arthur Miller.
1:   Susan C. W. Abbotson, Rhode Island College
2:   Claire Gleitman, Ithaca College.
3:   Susan Albert Loewenberg, L. A. Theatre Works in Los Angeles.
4:   Stephen A. Marino, St. Francis College.
5:   Brenda Murphy, University of Connecticut.
These pieces will be published in the 2015 Fall edition of the Arthur Miller Journal.

Plenary Session: Visions of Tragedy in American Theatre
1.    On Edward Albee: Lincoln Konkle, The College of New Jersey, Edward Albee Society
2.    On Susan Glaspell: Sharon Friedman, New York University, Susan Glaspell Society
3.    On David Mamet: Brenda Murphy, University of Connecticut
4.    On Arthur Miller: Stephen A. Marino, St. Francis College, Arthur Miller Society
5.    On Eugene O’Neill: Jeffery Kennedy, Arizona State University, Eugene O’Neill Society
6.    On Thornton Wilder: Jackson R. Bryer, University of Maryland, Thornton Wilder Society
7.    On Tennessee Williams: Susan C. W. Abbotson, Rhode Island College
8.    On August Wilson: Sandra G. Shannon, Howard University, August Wilson Society
These pieces will be published in the 2015 edition of the best papers from the conference: Text and Presentation 2015.

American Literature Association  26th Annual Conference
Boston, Massachusetts  May 21-24, 2015

The Arthur Miller Society business meeting will take place on Friday 22 May, during Session 8-O, 9:40 to 11:00. Our two academic sessions will take place the same day in the afternoon. Penguin will also be sponsoring a wine and cheese party for the Miller Centennial on the Friday evening.

Organized by David Palmer, Massachusetts Maritime Academy:

Arthur Miller at 100: Centennial Reflections on His Life and Work (Session 10J, 12:40 - 2:00 p.m.)

Chair: Joshua Polster, Emerson College
1.     “Memory and the American Cultural Unconscious in Arthur Miller’s The Price,” Lewis Livesay, Saint Peter’s University
2.     “Attention Must Be Paid: Staging Linda Loman in the 21st Century,” Rosemary Malague, University of Pennsylvania
3.     “Willy Loman and the Walking Dead,” Stephen Marino, St. Francis College and the Arthur Miller Journal
Making Willy Loman Real: A Round-Table Discussion of Death of a Salesman in Performance (Session 11E, 2:10 - 3:30 p.m.)

Moderator: David Palmer, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Beginning with a reminiscence of the role the play had as a turning point in a person's life, the discussion continues with a short presentation on major past productions and interpretations, and focuses on the vision of the play in the critically acclaimed production at Boston's Lyric Stage Company in the winter of 2014. Open discussion with the audience is encouraged. Panel consists of:
  • Susan C. W. Abbotson, Rhode Island College
  • Ken Baltin, Actor
  • John D. Grote, Baylor University
  • Paula Plum, Actor
  • Spiro Veloudos, Lyric Stage Company of Boston

William Inge Theater
Outside the William Inge Theatre they have
planted a tree for each past Honoree of the
William Inge Festival Achievement Award
who has passed on.
The tree they planted in Miller's
memory right outside the
William Inge Theatre in
Independence, Kansas.
Here is the plaque at the base of the tree.

Current Stage Productions (Link to Archive)
A useful place to check for upcoming productions of plays is the DPS website, where you can search by the playwright to see which plays have been licensed through them for production (both professional and non-professional). The listings below, however, contain more details and generally more up-to-date information.

If you are looking for a Miller expert to provide a lecture, keynote, seminar or talkback in conjunction with a production, please contact us and we will try and put you in touch with any scholars in your area.

  • Productions During 2016

    • The Price 20 May-26 June by Melbourne Civic Theatre, 817 E Strawbridge Ave, Melbourne, FL. Call (321) 723-6935 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 20 May-11 June by Live Arts Inc., 123 East Water St., Charlottesville, VA. Call (434) 977-4177 x123 or check the website.
    • A View from the Bridge 29 April-8 May by Theatre Box, 35 Verbena Avenue, Floral Park, NY. Call Call (516) 900-2031 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 8-23 April by Boise Little Theater, 100 E Fort Street, Boise, ID. Directed by Frank White. Call (208) 342-5104 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 25 March-10 April by Portland Players, 420 Cottage Rd., South Portland, ME. Directed by Michael Donovan. Call (207) 799-7337 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 4-13 March  by Younts Center for Performing Arts, 315 N Main St, Fountain Inn, SC. Call (864) 409-1050 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 26 Feb.-19 March by Center Point Legacy Theatre, 525 N 400 W, Centerville, UT. Call (801) 298-1302 or check the website
    • The Crucible 18 Feb.-19 March by the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Grindlay Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Directed by John Dove. Call +44 131 248 4848, or check the website.
    • The Crucible 24-28 Feb. by University of New Hampshire Theater, 30 Academic Way, Durham, NH. Call (603) 862-7222 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 19 Feb.-13 March by Lakewood Playhouse, 5729 Lakewood Towne Center Blvd SW, Tacoma, WA. Call (253) 588-0042 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 22 Jan.- 16 April by Montana Repertory Theatre, as part of their winter national tour. Directed by Jere Hodgin. Check the home website or their agent for more information.
    • All My Sons 22 Jan-7 Feb. by The Modern Theater, 1320 E Garden Ave., Coeur D Alene, ID. Call 208-676-7529 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 15 Jan.-21 Feb. by StagesTheatre, 400 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA. Call (714) 525-4484 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 15 Jan.-7 Feb. by Irish Classical Theatre, 625 Main Street, Buffalo, NY. Call (716) 853-ICTC or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 15-31 Jan. by Palo Alto Players, 1305 Middlefield Rd # 1, Palo Alto, CA. Call (650) 329-0891 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 15-24 Jan. by  Community Players Theatre, 201 Robinhood Ln, Bloomington, IL. Call:(309) 663-2121 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 7-17 Jan. by Riverwalk Theatre, 228 Museum Drive, Lansing, MI. Directed by Bob Robinson. Call 517 482 5700 or check the website.
  • Productions During 2015
    • All My Sons Dec. by Wanderlust Theatre Co. at Cité des Arts, 109 Vine Street, Lafayette, LA. Call (337) 291-1122 or check the website.
    • A View from the Bridge 18-22 Nov. by Theatre Department of Marymount Manhattan College, 221 E. 71 St. New York, NY. Call (212) 517-0400 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 13-22 Nov. by The Edge Theatre Ensemble Company at Heberton Hall (Keene Public Library Annex), 76 Winter St., Keene, NH. Call (603) 352-5657 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 13-21 Nov. by Edgewood Theatre Arts, 1000 Edgewood College Drive, Madison, WI. Directed by Jeanne Leep. Call (800) 444-4861 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 6-22 Nov. by Snug Theatre, 160 S. Water St., Marine City, MI. Call 810 278 1749 or check the website.
    • The Ride Down Mt. Morgan 23 Oct.-8 Nov. by Dundas Little Theatre, 37 Market St S, Dundas, Ontario, Canada. Call 1 905-627-5266 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 30 Oct.-15 Nov. by Hendersonville Little Theatre, 229 S. Washington Street, Hendersonville, NC. Call 828-692-1082 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 30 Oct.-8 Nov. by Prime Stage Theatre, at The New Hazlett Theatre, Pittsburg, PA. Call (412) 320-4610 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 29 Oct. -1 Nov. by Lone Star College-Kingwood, Humble, TX. Call 281-312-1532 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 16-24 Oct. by Pumphouse Players Inc., 114 W. Main St., Cartersville, GA. Call 770-387-2610 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 22-25 Oct. by Haymarket Theatre, 803 Q Street, Lincoln, NE. Call 402-477-2600 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 13 October – 8 November 2015 by Theatre Calgary, 220 - 9th Ave. S.E., Calgary, AB, Vancouver, Canada. Call 403-294-7440 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 11 Oct.-8 Nov. Cleveland Play House, Playhouse Square,
1407 Euclid Avenue,Cleveland, IL. Directed by Laura Kepley. Call 216 241 6000, or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 16 Oct.-7 Nov. by Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, 719 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH. Call 513 381 2273 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 16-18 Oct. by Creative Arts Theater, 15615 8th St Victorville, CA. Call 760-963-3236 or check the website.
    • Broken Glass 6-31 Oct. 2015 by Westport Country Playhouse, 25 Powers Court, Westport, CT. Directed by Mark Lamos. Set design by Michael Yeargan. Call (203) 227-4177 or check the website.
    • A Memory of Two Mondays Sept/Oct. by Defibrillator Theatre, London, UK. Directed by Robert Hastie. Plans are to stage the play in a warehouse setting. Check the website for updates.
    • Death of a Salesman 2-11 Oct. by Classic Theatre Guild, at Proctors Theatre, Schnectady, NY. Call 518.227.0154 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 1-4 Oct. by Creative Arts Theater, 15615 8th St., Victorville, CA. Call 760-963-3236 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 18 Sept. 11 Oct. by The Ensemble Theatre, 2843 Washington Blvd. Cleveland Hts., OH. Call 216.321.2930 or check the website.
    • An Enemy of the People 30 Sept.-4 Oct. by Theater Department at Appalachian State University, 287 Rivers St, Boone, NC. Call 828-262-3063 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 18 Sept. -4 Oct. by Bloomington Civic Theatre, 1800 W Old Shakopee Rd, Bloomington, MN. Call (952) 563-8575 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 18 Sept.-4 Oct. by Pec Playhouse Theatre, 314 Main St, Pecatonica, IL. Call (815) 239-1210 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 12 Sept.-4 Oct. by People’s Light and Theatre Company, on Leonard C. Haas Stage, 39 Conestoga Road, Malvern, PA. Directed by Kamilah Forbes. Call 610.644.3500 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 18-27 Sept. by Shelby County Community Theatre, 801 Main Street, Shelbyville, KY. Call 502-633-0222 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 11-20 Sept. by Fremont Civic Theatre, 721 Main St, Cañon City, CO. Call:(719) 275-8989 or check the website.
    • Broken Glass 5-27 Sept. by New Repertory Theatre, Arsenal Center for the Arts, 321 Arsenal St., Watertown (Boston), MA. Directed by Jim Petosa, with Jeremiah Kissel. Call 617-923-8487 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 17-20 Sept. by Elm Street Arts, at Elm Street Cultural Arts Village, 8534 Main St, Woodstock, GA. Call (678) 494-4251 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 17-19 Sept. by Paramount Arts Center, 
1300 Winchester Avenue, Ashland, KY. Call 606.324.0007 or check the website.
    • The Price in Aug. by TimeLine Theatre, 615 W. Wellington, Chicago, IL. Directed by Louis Contey, with Mike Nussbaum. Call 773 281 8463 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 16 July-2 Aug. by Ironweed Productions, Santa Fe, NM. Directed by Scott Harrison, the production features Campbell Martin, Elizabeth Wiseman, Peter Chapman, Jonathan Harrell, Larry Glaister, Jonathan Dixon, Nicholas Ballas, Mary Beth Lindsey, Warren Houghteling, Rod Harrison, Kirste Plunkett, Jody Durham and Maureen Dolan. Call (505) 988-4262 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman July by Chats Productions, at the Jetty Memorial Theatre, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. Directed by Rex Madigan. E-mail for info, or check the website.
    • Incident at Vichy 27 July (staged reading) by Civic Ensemble Theatre, 127 Cleveland Avenue, Ithaca, NY. Call (607) 241-0195 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 17-26 July by Desert Foothills Theater, 34250 N 60th St, Scottsdale, AZ. Call (480) 488-1981 or check the website.
    • The Hook 5 June-25 July by Royal and Derngate theater in Northampton in 5-27 June, followed by a run at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool in 1-25 July. Directed by James Dacre.The play is adapted by Ron Hutchinson from Miller's screenplay. Check their websites for more details: Northampton and Liverpool.
    • All My Sons 9-28 June by Guild Hall at John Drew Theater, 158 Main St, East Hampton, NY. Directed by Stephen Hamilton, with Alec Baldwin and Laurie Metcalf. Call (631) 324-0806 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 5-14 June, by Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop, 437 Forestburgh Rd, South Fallsburg, NY. Call (845) 436-5336 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 29 May-14 June by Barn Theater, on Plano Street at Olive Avenue, Porterville, CA. Call (559) 310-7046 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 23 May-20 June by Long Beach Playhouse, Mainstage, 5021 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA. Directed by Carl daSilva. Call (562) 494-1014 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 15 May-6 June by Hole in the Wall Theatre Company, 116 Main St.
New Britain, CT. Directed by Kelley Mountzoures. Call (860) 229-3049 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 22-30 May by Acting Unlimited at Theatre 810, 810 Jefferson Street, Lafayette, LA. Call (337) 484-0172 or check their Facebook website.
    • The Price 13 May-21 June by Olney Theatre Center, at the lab space, 2001 Olney-Sandy Spring Road, Olney, MD. Directed by Michael Bloom. Call 301-924-3400 or check the website. There will be a pre-show discussion at 5pm on May 16.
    • Death of a Salesman 29 May-14 June by Porterville Barn Theater, 42 S Plano St, Porterville, CA. Directed by Dick Eckhoff. Call (559) 310-7046 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 8-23 May by Encore Theatre Company, 6978 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet TN. Directed by James Bealor. Call 615-598-8950 or check the website.
    • A View from the Bridge 8-17 May by at Cité des Arts, 109 Vine Street, Lafayette, LA. Call (337) 291-1122 or check the website.
    • An Enemy of the People 15-24 May by Greater Shelby Community Theatre, Shelby, NC. Call (704) 480-8495 or check their Facebook page.
    • Death of a Salesman 14-25 May by YourTheatre, 1857 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, NH. Call 603.733.5275 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 1-17 May by Creative Theatre-Muddy Water Players at the Playhouse at Museum Village,
      Monroe, NY. Directed by Terri Weiss. Call (845) 294-9465 or check the website.   
    • Death of a Salesman 1-16 May by Dreamwell Theatre Company, 10 S. Gilbert St., Iowa City, IA in two locations. 1-2 May at First Street Community Center, Mt. Vernon and 8-16 May at Iowa Children’s Museum, Coralridge Mall. Directed by David Pierce, with Rip Russell, Krista Neumann, Matthew Falduto, and Brad Quinn. Call 319-423-9820, or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 8-10 May by Port Huron Civic Theatre, 2625 Huckleberry Ln, Port Huron, MI. Call (810) 984-4014.
    • The Crucible 29 April-3 May at Helene Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts, University Of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, 2400 E. Kenwood Blvd. Milwaukee, WI. Call (414) 229-4308 or check the website.
    • A View from the Bridge 1-3 May by Glens Falls Community Theatre, in Charles R. Wood Theater, Glens Falls, NY. Directed by Rene Roberge. Call (518) 792-1740 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 1-2 May by MTV Arts, at Knox County’s Memorial Theatre, 117 E. High Street, Mount Vernon, OH. Directed by Ian Fraser Ernsberger, with Bruce Jacklin, Cate Blair-Wilhelm, Aaron Moreland, Mike Andrews, and Richard McKinley. Call 740-358-0168 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 11 April-24 May by Guthrie Theater, Wurtele Thrust Stage, 818 South 2nd Street, Minneapolis, MN. Directed by Joe Dowling. Call 612.377.2224, or check the website for more information.
    • Death of a Salesman 1 May-7 June by Loft Ensemble, 929 East Second Street, #105, Los Angeles, CA. Call 213.680.0392 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 2-8 May by The Questors Theatre, in the Judi Dench Playhouse, 12 Mattock Lane, Ealing , London, UK. Call 020 8567 5184 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 17 April-10 May by WaterTower Theatre, 15650 Addison Road, Addison, Texas. Directed by David Denson with Terry Martin, Diana Sheehan, Christopher Cassarino, and Tabitha Ray. Call 972.450.6230, or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 24 April-16 May by Strollers Theatre Ltd. at Bartell Theatre, 113 East Mifflin Street, Madison, WI. Call (608) 661-9696 or check the website.
    • The American Clock 15 April-17 May by Redtwist, Bryn Mawr, Chicago, IL. Directed by Jan Ellen Graves, with Brian Parry, Aaron Kirby, Johnny Garcia, Debra Rodkin, Michael Sherwin, and Elizabeth Argus. (Revival of their 2005 production). Call 773 728 7529 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 17 April-9 May by Pentacle Theatre, 145 Liberty St. NE, Salem, OR. Directed by Jeff Sanders, with Robert Herzog, David Ballantyne, Robynn Hayek, and Holly Beaman. Call 503-485-4300, or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 10-18 April by Neuse Little Theatre, 104 South Front Street, Smithfield, NC. Directed by:  Randy Jordan. Call (919) 934-1873 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 10-19 April by Merced Playhouse, 452 W. Main Street, Merced, CA. Call 209 725 8587 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 16-26 April by Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids, 2727 Michigan NE, Grand Rapids, MI. Call 616-234-3595, or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 28 March- 2 May by The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Directed by Gregory Doran with Antony Sher, Harriet Walter, and Alex Hassell. Set design by Stephen Brimson Lewis. Call 0844 800 1110 or check the website. This production may also be transferring to the West End, dates TBA.
    • All My Sons 27 March-19April 19 by Alley Theatre, 615 Texas Ave., at University of Houston, Houston, TX. Directed by Theresa Rebeck, with James Black and Josie de Guzman. Call 713.220.5700 or check the website.
    • The Archbishop’s Ceiling 24 March–19 April by Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, in their Black Box theater,  6901 Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada, Colorado.  Directed by Brett Aune, with Michael Morgan, William Hahn, Rodney Lizcano, and Heather Lacy. Set design by Brian Mallgrave. Call 720-898-7200 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 1-26 April by San Jose Stage Company at The Stage. 490 South First Street, San Jose, CA. Directed by Ken Kelleher, with Randall King, Danny Jones, Lucinda Hitchcock Cone, Jeffrey Brian Adams, and Michael Bellino. Set design by Giulio Cesare Perrone. Call 408.283.7142 or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 17-26 April by BarnDoor Productions, at Full Circle Theatre, 26 Craig Street, Perth, near Last Duel Park, Ontario, Canada. Call 613 267 1884 or check the website. Fittingly this is their 100th production and chose Miller’s greatest play in his Centennial year.
    • Death of a Salesman 17-25 April by Snowy Owl Theatre, at Icicle Creek Center for the Arts, 7409 Icicle Rd, Leavenworth, WA. Call (509) 548-6347 x47, or check the website.
    • Death of a Salesman 16-26 April, by Saint Joseph’s University Theatre Company, in Bluett Theatre, Saint Joseph’s University, 5600 City Ave., Philadelphia, PA. Call 610 660 1181 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 10-26 April by Attic Community Theatre, 2834 S. Fairview, Santa Ana, CA. Directed By Chris Marshall. Call  714-662-2525 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 22-25 April by Columbus State Community College, 550 E Spring St, Columbus, OH. Directed by Sonda Lewis. Call (614) 287-5353 or check the website.
    • The Crucible 8-18 April by CentreStage at Fitchburg State University, in Wallace Theatre for Performing Arts, 160 Pearl St, Fitchburg, MA. Directed by Richard McElvain. Call 978.665.3347 or check the website.
    • The Price 31 Mar.-26 Apr. by Artists Repertory Theatre, 1516 SW Alder, Portland. Directed by Adriana Baer, with Linda Alper, Michael Mendelson, Michael Elich, and Joseph Costa. Set design by Jack O’Brien. Call 503.241.1278 or check the website. Join the cast and crew for a post-show discussion after the 2pm matinees on April 5, 12, 15, 19, 26. There will be an ASL-interpreted post-show discussion on April 25.
    • All My Sons 2 March-26 April by Front Row Theatre Company, Harrison College House, University of Pennsylvania, PA. Directed by Alex Polyak. Message on Facebook or check the website.
    • A View from the Bridge 20 March-11 April by Schoolcraft College, 1751 Radcliff St, Garden City, MI. Directed by Jason Kallas, with Marks Philips, 
Ronya Mallad, Cinamon Cowper, Tom Posler, 
Jack Cowper, and Bridget Coletta as Mrs. Alfieri
. Call 734-462-4596 or check the website.
    • All My Sons 12 Feb.-25 April by Talawa Theatre Company, around the UK, is reviving its all-black 2013 production (co-produced with Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre) for a national tour, with beginning performances at Ipswich's New Wolsey Theatre for 12-21st Feb. Call 01473 295 900. It will subsequently tour to Cambridge Arts Theatre (24-28 Feb. Call 01223 503 333), Salisbury Playhouse (3-7 March. Call 01722 320 333), Watford Palace Theatre (10-14 March. Call 01923 225 671), Oxford Playhouse (17-21 March. Call 01865 305 305), Birmingham Rep (24-28 March. Call 0121 236 4455), Richmond Theatre in South West London (31 March-5 April. Call 0844 871 7615), Colchester Mercury Theatre (14-18 April. Call 01206 573 948), and Malvern Theatres (Festival Theatre) (21-25 April. Call 01684 892 277). Directed by Michael Buffong, with Ray Shell, Doña Croll, Kemi Bo-Jacobs, Leemore Marrett Jr., and Ashley Gerlach. Stage design by Ellen Cairns. For further details and to book tickets, visit their website.
    • The Crucible 10-18 April by Studio Theatre, Ashley Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK. Directed by Peter Kelly with John Davis, Emily Prince, Kevin Murdoch, Laura Melville, Ellie Webber, Harvey Munnery and Tim Greathead. Set design by Peter Kelly. Call 01722 342860 or check the website.

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