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Gun Laws in the U.S. - state-by-state interactive map that summarizes gun laws
across the U.S. From CNN.

Outgunned: How the Network News Media Are Spinning the Gun Control Debate - report that alleges a pro-gun control bias in the media. From the Media Research Center, a media watchdog organization, January 5, 2000.

Firearm Injury Center - provides objective data and analysis of firearms, and firearm injuries. Includes safety data sheets, and a glossary of handgun and handgun safety terminology.

Furor over Firearms - special report on gun control law in Canada, with sections that examine the American experience and the problem of cross-border gun smuggling. From CBC News.

Gun Control vs. Gun Rights: The Issue - report on the gun debate and campaign money, from the Center for Responsive Politics.

Gun Laws, Gun Control and Gun Rights - academic site covering the many legal issues involved in the ongoing debate. From JURIST: The Law Professors' Network.

Journalist's Guide to Gun Policy Scholars and Second Amendment Scholars -academic writings of those who are skeptical of gun control.

Mandatory Gun Show Background Check Act - June 17 House debate on H.R.2122 to require background checks at gun shows. The House voted 218-211 for a plan to require only 24 hours for background checks of buyers at gun shows.