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A: Advising Score - The total number of direct advisees under an individual.

A+C: Advising and Commiteeship Score - The simple sum of the number of an individual's direct advisorships and direct committeeships.

abstract: The abstract, as submitted, for a particular dissertation.

advisee: The student; the one being advised on a dissertation.

advisor: The primary authority and guidance figure for a student.

C: Committeeship Score - The number of committees a mentor has been a part of, not as the advisor.

committee: The members of a dissertation committee, usually chaired by the advisor.

committeeship: The position of being on a dissertation committee, but not in the capacity as advisor.

discipline: Loosely defined in this database by academic area of interest.

dissertation: The document a doctoral student writes to complete their doctoral work - includes their thesis and their methodology.

G: Generations Score - The total number of generations of descendants in an individual's MPACT family tree.

MPACT: A platform designed to aid in the quantitative evaluation of mentoring at the dissertation level.

status: Fully Complete

T: Tree Score - The sum total of all academic descendants in an individual's MPACT family tree.

TA: Advisors on Tree Score - The total number of academic descendents who have gone on to become advisors themselves.

TD: Decaying Tree Score - Like the T score, but with a decay factor applied to each successive generation of descendants. Currently calculated with a decay rate of 1/2 for each generation.

W: Width Score - The total number of descendants in the generation with the largest number of descendants.