The piedmont of North Carolina is full of history, stories, and legends dating back for more than 300 years.


In the eastern part of the piedmont a story has been told since the revolution. Back when Lord Cornwallis and his Redcoat army was chasing Nathaniel Greene and the patriots all around the state. Cornwallis wanted nothing more than to crush Greene's army in one fell swoop and end the southern half of the revolution.

Greene, unlike Cornwallis, had no interest in any decisive battle. Greene knew his army was no match for the experienced, well trained redcoats. he decided the best strategy was not to try to win any battles but just not to loose any. So Greene only fought on his terms and avoided direct confrontation whenever possible.

An infuriated Cornwallis tried hard to catch and defeat Greene. In an effort to speed his pursuit, Cornwallis ordered the army's payroll be buried for safe keeping and later retrieved after Greene's defeat. The stories say the payrole, about a dozen barrels full of gold coins, was buried along the bend in a creek bed.

In the end it was, Cornwallis, not Greene who was defeated. Of course the payroll was never found. This begs the question, what happened to the soldiers who buried it?