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NetChange is a brand new World Wide Web project designed to increase the presence of progressive students activists in Cyberspace. Initially, NetChange will serve the online progressive community in three ways.

The Activism NOW! bulletins will alert young activists to ways they can take action and effect change directly from their computer terminal! The Online Activist Database will connect activists with similar interests and provide organizers with a source for online contacts. Finally, the NetChange Journal is a medium for activists to express their views in writing, photoessays, cartoons and any other way you can imagine.

The idea for NetChange was originally conceived by Tony Deifell, Executive Director at the Institute for Public Media Arts. Tony secured a planning grant from the generous folks at the New World Foundation and NetChange was born. The Editorial Board, a talented group of young people georgraphically centered around the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is responsible for the content of NetChange. Charlie Speight and Ruby Sinreich, the fearless leaders of this bunch, are to blame for almost everything you see here.

Good question! NetChange is constantly seeking eager individuals who want to share their talents and ideas. Young people, particularly college students, are encouraged to submit their work (opinion articles, fiction, photoessays, cartoons, etc.) for inclusion in the NetChange Journal. We are particularly interested in making material that has been previously published in hard copy available over the Web. Also, people with a desire to research and write Action NOW! bullitns will always be welcome. Groups wishing to promote their activities (conferences, boycotts, protests, petitions, Web sites, etc.) should send any pertinent information our way. Of course, anyone who has HTML or graphic design experience is certainly encouraged to contact us about assisting with the design and layout process. Finally, any young progressive should register in the Online Activist Database.

Send all announcements and inquiries to Charlie Speight (speight@sunsite.unc.edu).