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Onebase provides different desktops like KDE, Gnome.. and various programs for accomplishing Desktop related operations.

  • Search your Desktop - An inbuilt desktop search is provided with Onebase Portal. It can search images, docs, video and audio files. Also it can search for - Bash history, Onebase documentation and package database.

    Using this, the temporary internet files can be indexed regularly and search firefox, mozilla and konqueror browsers all at once. The results can be bookmarked and managed.

  • Image Albums - OL-Album is a no frills album generator, with which Image gallery Albums can be auto generated using pre-created template designs. This Album can be hosted locally or as Web-Album by simply uploading it to a site.

  • Desktop Dash - Onebase Portal provides an exclusive wrapper for superkaramba software, for managing Desktop Dash widgets. It automatically downloads, install themes along with any associated dependencies.

  • Backup data - Using the Onebase desktop utilities, backups for data can be created or restored or a backup ISO can be generated to be burned in a CD

  • Set your Desktop - The default desktop can be set like KDE,Gnome depending upon the options in this module.

  • Privacy Cleaner - This helps in erasing the traces left by computer usage, this can be browsers, Audio, video players...

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This is an opensource project licensed under GPL and Onebase Agreement