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Onebase provides various tools and programs for maintaining the system, Inorder to keep it updated and bug-free.

  • Make Snapshots - Onebase has a System Restore Point tool, with which users can create multiple restore points to take snapshots of their systems and restore them later when any trouble occurs.

  • Customize restore points - The users can customize restore points by choosing options like creating a snapshot of the bootsystem, package manager settings ,etc..

  • System Updates - The whole Onebase system can be updated through the internet using the olm program. Both binary and source based system updates are supported

  • Kernel flavors - Users who need extra functionality to be built with the kernel that requires additional patches and configuration,can use "Kernel Flavor" with which the user can select the type of kernel he wants to install

    A kernel flavor is a customized linux kernel with specific third-party patches and configuration to serve a special purpose. Example Flavors: mm_kernel, openmosix

  • Kernel based software alert - Onebase automatically alerts about kernel based software that needs to be reinstalled whenever the linux kernel is updated

  • Kernel configuration - The user can customize and build an existing kernel configuration using the ol-ki program.

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