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Some of the other features not mentioned are...

  • Network OLM - The Network OLM is a wrapper over the olm program to install and maintain applications in all the systems connected to a LAN. Using the Network OLM, it becomes to easy to maintain updates to all systems from a single terminal. (NFS is required).

    It also saves network bandwidth by using a centralized cache. Using command: olm -b network autoupdates all the computers in the network.

  • Concurrent Downloads/Installs - OLM is a multithreaded package manager, which means you can start more OLM processes at same or different times. OLM automatically resolves clashing dependencies.

    This is very useful especially when you want to download packages when installing applications or start concurrent downloads or installs to decrease the time.

  • Xfree86 or Xorg ? Your Choice - OLM comes with inbuilt support for both Xorg and Xfree86. Though xorg is the officially supported X windows by Onebase, you can also install xfree86 seemlessly. Read more details about this in the package management guide.

  • Source Masking - If you normally install packages via source install, then you can prevent needless updates to the Onebase system using Source Masking.

  • More features... - Ample availability of user and developer documentation and community based infrastructure

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