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Onebase Linux introduces a new program for automating day-to-day PC tasks called OL AutoTask. With AutoTask you can create, manage and edit your TaskFlows (A Sequence of Tasks) by making use of its growing list of Task Library.

  • No Scripting - It requires no scripting knowledge. Since it provides wrappers over existing Linux software and presents it in an initutiative manner, so these tasks can be grouped to perform a bigger or repititive type of jobs.

  • Example TaskFlows - Some example taskflows that can be created are:

    # Copy all the images from a directory -> resize them -> set permissions -> upload them to a Website.

    # Download images -> find your documents -> copy them to a folder -> compress them -> burn them to a CD.

  • Set Priorities - Priorities for tasks can be set in a taskflow in the order that they should execute and the taskflow can be edited later to change its working without any hassles

  • For Developers - Besides this, the website provides documentation for volunteers to contribute more such pre-defined tasks for the Task-Library, Read more here on how to create a task and submit them

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