Cable Modem Providers HOWTO

Vladimir Vuksan


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Additions to @home and new provider in Bombay, India

This document attempts to answer basic questions on how to connect your Linux box to cable modem or cable Internet provider.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. New Versions of this Document
1.2. Feedback
1.3. Contributors
1.4. Standard Disclaimer
1.5. Copyright Information
2. Setting up your Ethernet Card
3. Regular Cable Modem ISPs
3.1. MediaOne Express
3.2. @Home
3.2.1. Notes for Baltimore, MD and Colleyville,TX
3.2.2. Notes for Milpitas, CA, USA
3.2.3. Notes for Salt Lake City, UT, USA
3.2.4. Notes from Connecticut, USA
3.2.5. Notes from Dallas, TX or anyone using Motorola CyberSurfr
3.2.6. Notes from Louisville, KY by Devin Bundrent
3.2.7. Notes from Madison, WI and Lakeridge, VA
3.2.8. Notes from Baton Rouge, LA by Van Goodwin
3.2.9. Notes from Richmond, VA and its surroundings by Robert Marshall
3.3. RoadRunner
3.4. Rogers@Home
3.5. Sunflower Cablevision
3.6. Jones Intercable
3.7. GTE Worldwind
3.8. SpeedChoice, Phoenix, Arizona
3.9. Cedar Falls Utilities Cybernet, Cedar Falls, Iowa
3.10. Telstra Big Pond Advance, Australia
3.11. Fibertel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
3.12. Videotron (Videon), Canada
3.13. Telekabel (Teleweb), Austria
3.14. Tebecai, Netherlands
3.15. A2000, Netherlands
3.16. Shaw Cable, Canada
3.17. Cogeco Cable, Canada
3.18. Optimum Online, New York and Connecticut
3.19. Singapore Cable Vision, Singapore
3.20. Cable Wanadoo, France and Netherlands (formerly Casema)
3.21. Prime Cable Expressnet, Las Vegas, NV
3.22. TVD, Belgium
3.23. Telenet Vlaanderen, Belgium
3.24. Total-Web, United States
3.25. CyberCable, Paris, France
3.26. StjärnTV, Stockholm Sweden
3.27. GCI.Net, Alaska
3.28. Saturn Communication NZ Ltd, New Zealand
3.29. Chello, Netherlands
3.30. Adelphia Powerlink, USA
3.31. 21st Century Telecom, Chicago, IL, USA
3.32. HTVi, Helsinki, Finland
3.33. Garden State Cable, New Jersey
3.34. Zoom Internet, Butler County, PA
3.35. Charter Pipeline, St. Louis Metro Area
3.36. Netcabo, TV Cabo, Portugal
3.37. Supercable, Spain
3.38. NTL, United Kingdom
3.39. Virtua, São Paulo, Brazil
3.40. Hathway, Bombay, India
4. Hybrid Cable modem ISPs
4.1. Adelphia Powerlink, USA
4.2. LinkExpress, Brasil
4.3. ExpressNet, Maryland
4.4. Charter Pipeline, Riverside, CA
4.5. Chambers Cable, Chico, CA / Fundy Cable, New Brunswick
4.6. Smyrna Cable, Atlanta, GA
4.7. Amnet de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
4.8. Prime Cable, Chicago, IL
4.9. Millennium Digital Media, Maryland

1. Introduction

The main goal of this document is to get your system running with your cable modem, and cable internet provider. Unfortunately, many ISPs that provide cable modem services, give you Windows and Macintosh software only.

This document attempts to explain how to setup some cable modems and internet providers in Linux, the tricks to get them working correctly, and the traps not to fall down. It is hoped that this document will assist you, however we make no claims for the validity of the information contained within.

1.1. New Versions of this Document

The newest version of this HOWTO will always first be made available on

1.2. Feedback

Feedback is most certaintly welcome for this document. Without your submissions and input, this document wouldn't exist. So, please send your additions, comments and criticisms to .

1.3. Contributors

The following people have contributed to this mini-HOWTO.

1.4. Standard Disclaimer

No liability for the contents of this documents can be accepted. Use the concepts, examples and other content at your own risk. As this is a new edition of this document, there may be errors and inaccuracies, that may of course be damaging to your system. Proceed with caution, and although this is highly unlikely, I don't take any responsibility for that.

Also bear in mind that this is NOT official information. Obtaining official information is usually an impossibility with many ISPs. Much content in this document are assumptions, which appear to work for people. Use the information at your own risk.

1.5. Copyright Information

This document is copyrighted (c) 1998 Vladimir Vuksan and distributed under the terms of the OpenContent License (OPL). Full text of the license can be found at