Lilo mini-Howto

Cameron Spitzer


Alessandro Rubini


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LILO is the most used Linux Loader for the x86 flavour of Linux; I'll call it Lilo rather than LILO here because I don't appreciate uppercase. This file describes some typical Lilo installations. It's intended as a supplement to the Lilo User's Guide. I think examples are informative even if your setup isn't much like mine. I hope this saves you trouble. Since Lilo's own documentation is very good, who's interested in the details is referred to /usr/doc/lilo*

Table of Contents
1. Copyright and Licensing Information
2. Preface
3. Introduction
4. Background Information and Standard Installation
4.1. Where Should I Install Lilo?
4.2. How Should I Configure my IDE Hard Drives?
4.3. How Can I Interact at Boot Time?
4.4. How Can I Uninstall Lilo?
5. The Simple Configuration
5.1. How to Deal with Big Kernels
5.2. Other Sources of Information
6. Installing hdc to Boot as hda and Using bios=
7. Using Lilo When the BIOS Can't See the Root Partition
8. Accessing Huge Disks When the BIOS Can't
9. Booting from a Rescue Floppy

1. Copyright and Licensing Information

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