OSWG: Documents Catalog

Deb Richardson


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Revision 1.1 Jan 31, 2000 Revised by: dlr

This catalog is an organized listing of the documents currently available through the Open Source Writers Group. Updates are made as often as possible.

Table of Contents
1. Copyright and Licensing
2. Catalog organization and feedback
3. Documentation and documentation tools
3.1. DocBook, A Practical Introduction
4. Linux developer documentation
4.2. PA-RISC/Linux Boot HOWTO
4.3. RPM HOWTO, aka: RPM at Idle
4.4. SCSI Drivers, An Introduction to
5. Linux user documentation
5.1. Booting the Kernel
5.2. Cable Modem Providers HOWTO
5.3. DHCP mini-HOWTO
5.4. Exchange Server Replacement HOWTO
5.5. Gnome Display Manager Reference Manual
5.6. Lilo mini-HOWTO
5.7. LVS Cluster Configuration HOWTO
5.8. Online Troubleshooting Resources: HOWTO
5.10. RPM HOWTO, aka: RPM at Idle
5.11. Visual Bell HOWTO
6. Mailing list software and related documentation
6.1. Advice for Mailing List Owners
7. Open Source Writers Group: project documentation
7.1. OSWG: Document Catalog
7.2. OSWG: Licensing Policy
7.3. OSWG: Mission Statement
7.4. OSWG: Roadmap
8. Open Source: Philosophy, Theory, Practice, and History
8.1. Cathedrals, Bazaars, and the Town Council
8.2. I don't care if space aliens ate my mouse (Porting Linux to the Apple Macintosh)
8.3. The Risks of Closed Source Computing
8.4. Software Libre and Commercial Viability

1. Copyright and Licensing

Copyright (c) 1999 by Deb Richardson. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License v0.4 (8 June 1999) or later. The current version of the License is available at http://www.opencontent.org/openpub/.