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Pelagic - Murrells Inlet, SC 5/11

While on a charter fishing trip, Sat. 5/11, had the opportunity to do a 
little birding, in between rare fish strikes.  We were about 60 miles on a 
course 143 degrees out of Murrells Inlet, as far as the 100 fathom line.  Had 
good looks at the following:

Parasitic Jaeger- 2, a pair working together
Pomarine Jaeger -2 separate individuals
Long-tailed Jaeger - A quick view up close, before it flew over the boat and 
Black-capped Petrel- 2
Greater Shearwater - 3
Audubon's Shearwater  4-5
and one very dark, heavy -bodied bird, very dark brown all over--no visible 
white anywhere, which did not come closer than 50 yards - stocky as the 
pomarine jaeger, and probably somewhat larger, flew by quite deliberately, 
with fairly deep wingbeats, and little gliding.  Maybe I'll find it again 
next weekend.  Any suggestions for ID welcome.

Also a 300 lb+ Blue Marlin, happily released to torment other anglers, and 2 
dolphin (mahi-mahi--the fish)
Also several groups of Spinner Dolphin and 2 white-sided dolphin; 1 Mako 

I'll report on the next fishing Pelagic trip on 5/18.

Murray Honick
Murrells Inlet, SC