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Caw Caw Birdwalk

The following are highlights of the three hour Saturday morning birdwalk at
Charleston County's Caw Caw Park in Ravenel, SC. led by Perry Nugent at 8:30

November 30, 2002

59 species were seen and/or heard.  The most interesting were; 13 ( Blue )
Snow Geese, 1 female Bufflehead, 2 adults and 1 first year Bald Eagles, 2
Sharp-shinned Hawk, 20 Greater Yellowlegs, 15 Dunlin, 2 Common Snipe, 20
Ruby-crowned Kinglets, 4 Golden-crowned Kinglets, 3 Loggerhead Shrikes, and
1 Blue-headed Vireo.

Perry E. Nugent
Charleston, SC