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Recent Bird wave (Charleston, SC): Fox Sparrow, N. Oriole, Rusty Blackbird, etc.

Yesterday (12/26) we had a FOX SPARROW join the
sparrow flock in my family's yard in Charleston (West
Ashley).  Also on 12/26 a RUSTY BLACKBIRD appeared
with the Redwings and Grackles below the feeders.  A
NORTHERN ORIOLE that has been hanging around this
winter reappeared in the yard today (12/27).  
We also had many more White-throated & Song Sparrows,
Juncos and Am. Goldfinches show up yesterday.  I think
it is related to the recent blizzard up north. 
Christmas counters should be on the lookout for newly
arrived goodies this weekend.

Good birding,

Nathan Dias (home for holidays in Charleston SC )

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