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Goldeneye/Lake Jordan Sat AM

Good morning!

Shelley Theye called and said Doug Shadwick and the
located a female plumaged Goldeneye at Jordan Lake.
I presume it is a Common-she was too calm for it to be
a Barrow's :)

The duck was first seen off Farrington Point then flew
out of sight into a cove.
They relocated her (another?) off Ebenezer Point
around 0945.
She was close enough for good looks.

Shelley did not say which direction off Ebenezer.
I am trying to reach her cell for more directions as
there are a few of us headed out there now.

Note: there are icy patches on Lystra and Farrington
I am unsure re other roads.

Jill Froning
south of Chapel Hill in N Chatham Co.

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