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Re: Goldeneye/Lake Jordan Sat AM: Correction!

> They also found a nice small raft of Canvasbacks at
> Seaforth at ~ 1030.
> Drive in.
> Park on the right before the toll booth and walk to
> the beach.

It's better to go past the toll booth and park in the first parking lot 
on the left, then walk back past the booth, cross the road and field to 
the shore.  The Jordan Lake rangers don't approve of parking in 
unauthorized places -- you're liable to get a parking ticket if you're 
not in an officially sanctioned spot.

This spot can be great for Common Goldeneye in years past, with the 
highest count 28 on 2/13/1994.

P.S. Here's a photo of the Mattamuskeet Western Kingbird --

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