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Beginning to seem like spring in the Sandhills

It is beginning to feel a little like spring in the NC Sandhills now.  Fish
Crows have been back for over a week, Towhees,Cardinals and House Finches
are singing and the nuthatches and bluebirds have been checking out the
boxes here in our yard.

However there are still plenty of winter birds at the feeders.  Most notably
we have dozens of pine warblers and yellow-rumpeds at the three suet feeders
all day long.  The Yellow-rumpeds are feeding regularly at the hummer
feeders too --and anything sweet I happen to put out: stale donuts or
cookies, peanut butter, etc.

I am really looking forward to monitoring them this weekend during the Great
Backyard Bird Count.

Susan Campbell
Whispering Pines, NC