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Re: Purple Martin Advice Needed

I'm not sure if they have info on tape playing
results, but the Purple Martin Conservation
Association's website has all sorts of great +
authoritative info about Martins and how to host them.
 Their website is: http://www.purplemartin.org/

Regarding the question of which CD to buy -- CDs are a
poorer copy of the original sound (in general) than
analog tape recordings (or vinyl).  So when using
recordings for the purpose of attracting birds (should
be done with caution - see ABA code of ethics and
don't over-play or play in areas with high human
traffic), I try and use analog (or DAT) tapes rather
than CDs.  CDs use a comparitively crude algorithm to
digitize the original recording/input, causing a
minute difference and drop-off in quality.  While the
human ear may not notice much difference, there is a
school of thought that says birds might be able to. 
Since the quality of the speakers you use might also
degrade the sound quality, every little bit counts. 
It is getting harder and harder to find analog tapes,

Nathan Dias - Charleston, SC

--- John Argentati <johna@blue-lizard.com> wrote:
> Okay, I'm going to try AGAIN this year to attract
> purple martins.
> Sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick
> that football...
> My plan this year is to put up gourds and to play
> the dawn song every
> morning.
> (My neighbors are going to love me...)
> Does anyone have any experience attracting martins
> by playing the "dawn
> song"?
> Does it work?  If so, which CD should I buy?
> Thank you in advance.
> John Argentati
> Raleigh, NC

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