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26,000 Bird Sightings At Your Fingertips

Redshank Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of 
Avendex, a PC-based application preprogrammed with over 26,000 bird sightings 
reported from North and South Carolina during approximately the last fifty 

Using Avendex, a birder can access bird sightings based on species, location, 
state, date and more.  With the click of a button, Avendex will analyze a set 
of sightings by time period, year, location and physiogeographic area.

Find out more at the Redshank Software web site 
(http://www.redshanksoftware.com), including screen shots, FAQ, system 
requirements, and ordering information.

Have questions?  E-mail us directly at redshank@redshanksoftware.com


Redshank Software
Wake Forest, NC