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[Fwd: Allen's Hummingbird]

> From: "Susan Campbell" <ncaves@utinet.net>
> Date: 2003/03/18 Tue AM 09:49:46 EST
> To: "Shelley Theye" <veery@bellsouth.net>
> Subject: Allen's Hummingbird
> Dear Shelley and Carolinabirders,
> I am afraid I cannot say when the Allen's Hummingbird may leave.  I asked
> Bob Sargent the same question, figuring that since the bird is not finished
> flight feather molt (outermost P10 still juvenile and adult P 8&9 coming in)
> that he may be in-residence a while.  But Bob said not necessarily.  He
> could leave on the next warm (with southerly breezes) day--or before.  Also
> the fierce migrant male Ruby-throats will begin passing through out there
> any time and one of them may run him off.  These adults in breeding
> condition are MUCH more territorial than the winter birds the Allen's was
> able to intimidate.  We will just have to wait and see.  Not good news if
> you cannot make it out there in the very near future I know...
> Susan Campbell
> Whispering Pines, NC