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Stone Mountain spring migrants

Spent Friday and Saturday hiking over much of the 22 sq miles of Stone Mtn.
and was rather surprised at the early return of Black-throated Greens,
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, and Louisiana Waterthrush. Blue-headed Vireos were
around the previous weekend at even higher elevations on the Parkway. At the
present moment I wonder if all of them aren't a little bewildered
considering that golf-ball sized flakes are falling in Wilkes County right

Other notables were a Ruffed Grouse, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker that just
wouldn't leave the camp site, and Pileated Woodpecker that hammered away
right over my head as I awoke. 

Eric "not long for this neck of the woods" Harrold...in the spirit of Tomm
Lorenzin :)

Hays, NC