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On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, Gibeau,  Stu wrote:
> I don't think mist netting and trapping really lends all that much to
> research.  I've met some people that do it and it seems to be mostly self
> indulgence. Yes, I'm sure there are good uses for it especially in cases
> where it's impossible to tell species apart and ranges/habitats are
> dramatically changing.  Still I think most birds could probably be observed
> unmolested.  I don't think there are any North American species that we
> don't already have weight and size ranges for
He obviously feels that mist netting is bird molestation but bird watching
is not. But using paybacks of vocalizations, pishing, etc and simply
approaching birds does affect the birds.
A study monitoring heart rate of nesting boobies showed that the bird's
heart rate increased as humans approached..even though the birds showed no
overt sign of being affected.
Bird watching has very nearly no value to birds, does not appreciably add to
our useful knowledge, exists solely for self indulgence, and since it
affects birds, it  probably should  be banned.
Research does contribute to knowledge and therefore is useful even though it
"molests' birds.

-- Helmut C Mueller

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