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Video "Rulers of the Wind" needed

Bob Wilson and I have lost our copy of the video "Rulers of the Wind",
an episode in the Nature series which aired some years ago.  This video
is the perfect introduction to raptors and hawkwatching, and we use it
each fall to get our students ready for hawk season.
We contacted the folks at Nature, and they were totally unhelpful,
offering the only solution "tape it next time it comes on TV."
If anyone out there has a copy of this video which we could copy, please
let me know.  We'll pay all costs involved plus a little something for
your trouble.  We got verbal permission from the producers to copy from
TV or a production tape, in case you're worried about copyright
Thanks very much!

Bill Sanderson
31 Ferncliff Drive
Asheville, NC  28805
e-mail: nctigers@bellsouth.net