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Today at the Mt. Pisgah Hawk Watch ... 10/15/99

A typical mid-October day on the mountain today.  Skies were clear,
blue, and uncrowded.

Today's totals:

Hours -- 8.25

Northern Harrier -- 3
Sharp-shinned Hawk -- 2
Cooper's Hawk -- 3
Broad-winged Hawk -- 1
Red-tailed Hawk -- 4
American Kestrel -- 2
unidentifieds -- 3

Butterflies:  No actual count, but Monarchs are still passing through in
small numbers, despite contrary winds and low temperatures (9 C).  

Lots of Blue Jays during the course of the day.

Thanks to Ray "Iron Man" Sharpton who worked all but the last 1/2 hour
and to Greg and Shannon Townsend.

Bill Sanderson
Asheville, NC