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Mt. Pisgah Hawk Watch...10/24/99

It was another frigid day on the mountain, with the temperature falling
to 2 C by the time we headed home at 6:00 PM.
Once again, it was a vulture day, with small groups passing by
throughout the day.  Several Siskins were heard overhead, and a flock of
Evening Grosbeaks cruised past (ID'ed with 95% confidence).
OF note was the complete lack of Blue Jays, which have been passing in
good numbers for the past 2 weeks.  Also, the Black-billed Cuckoo which
has been serenading (if that is the correct word) us each day has
apparently finally left for warmer climes.  

Today's totals:

Hours -- 5.5
Black Vulture -- 1
Turkey Vulture -- 84
Sharp-shinned Hawk -- 5
Red-tailed Hawk -- 8
unidentified Buteo -- 1

Thanks to Ray "Iron Man" Sharpton who worked the early shift, and to
Greg Townsend and Howard Shepherd for help with the late shift.

Bill Sanderson
Asheville, NC