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Watch out for those swallows and flycatchers...

Hi C-birders,

The Cave Swallow invasion of the northeast continues. In addition to the 
Cape May and Point Pelee flocks which I previously mentioned, a second 
flock has been sighted in Ontario, two sightings have been reported in 
Quebec, a single bird was seen in Rhode Island and a flock in 
Connecticut, and - closest to home, so far - a group was seen on the 
Eastern Shore in Virginia NWR. What is the status of this species in NC? 
I know that Cave Swallow is not yet on the Massachusetts state list, is 
it on NC's? Or will the next one we see be the first?

In case you were wondering, the sightings which have identified to 
subspecies suggest the southwestern Cave Swallow, not the Caribbean one.

The reported Bodie Island Ash-throated Flycatcher is also intriguing and 
not entirely unexpected. The bird near Hendersonville, if accepted, was 
reportedly only the 3rd for NC; but in the last few weeks, Ash-throateds 
have also been reported from Cape May and Cape Cod. Great Crested 
Flycatchers are generally gone from this area by the end of September, so 
if you think you see a Great Crested in the late fall, you'd better make 

Good birding!


Joshua S. Rose
Duke University
Department of Zoology