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Records of Cave Swallows in NC

Josh Rose asked about Cave Swallows in NC. There are four records, none
of which has yet been published with full details. All four have been
accepted sightings, plus one has photos. The details are at home, but
here is a summary:

1 near Newport, Carteret Co., in December a few years ago
1-2 at the New Bern quarry, Craven Co., a few winters ago (on CBC)
1 at a spray irrigation area in Onslow Co., in Feb. (I believe, about 5
years ago)
1 in May at Bodie Island lighthouse pond, Dare Co.

Again, these are my best recollections. The bird in Onslow Co. was

Yes, scrutinize swallows now into the winter. Don't assume that all of
them are Tree Swallows! At this time of year, a Cave Swallow is
certainly more likely than a Cliff Swallow, as Caves are wintering in
modest numbers now in TX. Cliffs don't winter anywhere near the US.

Harry LeGrand