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Hawk Watch

Hi everyone, my name is whitney solso and i am a new person on your list
of carolina birders.  Ive enjoyed your messages so far.  I am part of a
coastal hawk migration survey just outside of charleston in a town called
Awendaw.  I have been counting birds of prey as they fly south since the
beginning of september.  If you would like to see the results of what data
we have collected you can see them at the following web site
just click on the autumn hawk watch section and the site i work from is
called Tibwin Plantation. 
Today I saw 12 black vultures
5 turkey vultures
2 northern harriers
and 1 red shoulder.  
not the best day ever, but pretty good. 
 i will try to post the results of what i see
every day.  Thanks and have a good one,
Whitney Solso
wsolso@indiana.edu  (Im a student at indiana university down in the
carolinas doing an internship)
SC Center for Birds of Prey