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Along with a dozen others we joined Steve Roth,  Naturalist (and very
capable) for the Audubon tour Saturday morning.  Over half of the group
was from Cleveland, O., and a couple of experienced birders from Mayland.
Lois and I could not go to the Jetty but our list is as follows:
Sharpshinned hawk  (seen from car driving down Surfside on hwy 17)
Bald Eagle (2)
Palm Warbler  2
Yellow rumped Warbler 6+
Boatailed grackle
Little Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron (a number)
Tri-colored Heron (many)
Snowy Egret  8-10
Great Egret 6-8
Green Heron
Carolina Wren
N Flicker 
Red-tailed Hawk
Forrester's Tern  6
Hooded Mergansers
Kingfisher   6
Black Duck   5 (flyby)
D-Crested Cormorant  5
Ruddy Ducks
Coot     4
Pied-billed Grebe  3
Tree Swallows  20+
Whie Ibis  6
Yellow Leggs, greater 4
Ring-billed Gull,  juv.
Blackbellied Plover 4 (winter plumage)
Golden-crowned kinglet  2
Some ducks we forgot to record
And of course Mockingbirds
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