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Mattamuskeet at Christmas-Place to stay

If you go to Hyde-Away and it's cold, make sure they turn the heat on
before you get there.

The last time I did a late night check in there, I thought we'd die
before the temp crawled above 45. Thank God they had a bar.

The location is great though if you want the pocosins (Mattamuskeet,
New, and Pungo Lakes). I especially like Pungo. Don't figure on hitting
Outer Banks on same day though. You'll spend your day in traffic or on
ferries. Do your ferry birding on the way down or on the way home.

Ric Carter
Garner, NC
Washington, NC

Will Cook wrote:
> A good place to stay at Mattamuskeet is the Hyde-Away Motel, which is on the
> causeway road (94) just north of the lake in Fairfield (252-926-8101).  And,
> as Josh mentioned, if you go to Buxton, the "birder's motel" is the Cape
> Pines (252-995-5666), run by Carolinabirders Diane and Keith Andre
> (keithdi@interpath.com.
> You can find hotel listings for just about anywhere on the web.  One site is
> at: http://www.usa-lodging.com/motels/northcarolina/nccities.htm
> (note that the phone numbers there are a bit out of date - wrong area code)
> > On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Kate Finlayson wrote:
> > >
> > > We would like to visit the Matamuskeet refuge and/or
> > > other coastal areas of NC during Christmas break.
> > > Does anyone have any great ideas where to go to see
> > > the most birds late DEC. and a great place to stay for
> > > a few nights? Kate
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