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Hummer ID article


This hummingbird ID article looks like it should be very useful for all you 
lucky folks with wintering hummers.

Will.Cook@duke.edu  Durham NC

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Date:    Sat, 11 Dec 1999 17:54:43 -0600
From:    foil <lcfoil@ATTGLOBAL.NET>
Subject: Hummer ID article

FYI everyone:

The Nov/Dec edition of the Newsletter of the Louisiana Ornithological
Society is on the web at the LOS website.  There is a great Hummer ID
article by Donna Dittman and Steve Cardiff focused on a southeastern
wintering hummer ID problem -- female Archilochus, Calliope, Costa's and
Anna's hummers.  Check it out at:


Carol Foil
LOS News Editor
Baton Rouge , LA