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I went out yesterday (Friday, 7. January) to look for the Jordan Lake
crossbills.  Having arrived at the spot Will described, I walked past
the gate about 50 yards and starting pishing at a wood pile.  Got a
beautiful Fox Sparrow to come stare at me, then looked up and saw some
birds gathering in an oak over my head...some gorgeous Red Crossbills!
I counted 3 m, 2 f.  They moved off after a few minutes (maybe b/c my
pishing was replaced by expletives at the shock of seeing them so easily
in the Triangle) and flew into the crown of a nearby pine.  I watched
them for a few more minutes, then starting walking down the trail deeper
into the woods.  I soon heard what sounded like a number of very vocal
wren/pipit/things overhead - 'twas the flock of Crossbills.  I
guesstimated there to be between 15 and 20 in the flock.

I didn't see any Purple Finches or Evebeaks, unfortunately, but these
are the easiest Red Crossbills I've ever seen!  The spot is about a 20
minute drive from our new home in South Durham, I'm guessing around a 30
minute drive from the West side of RTP, for those of you thinking of
taking lunch and looking for them... :-)

Happy Birding!


Sandy Cash
Durham, NC (recently moved)
Sandy Cash
Durham, NC (recently moved)