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Friday I went to the Wallhalla State Fish Hatchery in the mountains of SC and 
observed up to 11 Red Crossbills flying about and feeding on pine cones in 
the tops of the trees as had been reported here previously.  Then on Sunday I 
returned with Tom Hankins to to try to relocate the birds.  After a couple of 
hours of waiting through the rain, we heard and saw a small flock of 
birds(approx. 6) land in one of the pines near us and then on to a Dogwood 
Tree near a house beside the hatchery. We only got to view two of the birds(1 
each) before a worker asked us not to look towards the house, but both of the 
birds that we viewed were definitely Crossbills and both definitely had white 
wing bars. It seemed the birds were flying from the Dogwood to the corner of 
the house to a bush? or feeder? and some looked as though they flying towards 
the ground.  My thoughts then and until a got home and read in the National 
Geographic guide "a few juveniles and a very few adult males show white wing 
bars. the upper bar thinner than the lower". Does anyone out there have any 
experience with "white-winged Red Crossbills"?  Let me know about your 
thoughts on this. 

I do know there was a sighting of a White-winged Crossbill visiting Robin 
Carter's and Caroline Eastman's feeder in Columbia SC a couple of years ago, 
so they have been seen in the state. Thanks for your help.

Roger Smith
Lexington SC