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P-SF logic

"The North Carolina bird is clearly sinusoidal, and thus is a "classic" 
Pacific Slope
call." (Alvaro Jamarillo, forwarded by Harry).

1. The speicies is separated from Cordilleran in the field uniquely by call. 
The call heard by many, recorded, and responded to was the P-SF, not 

2. The bird should be listed as P-SF. If the two species are not distinct 
enough that they should be considered separate species, we will have to let 
the authoriteis deal with that situation in the future. Until they do, what 
we have is Pacific-Slope Flycatcher. 

I offer this thought not from a position of knowledge but simply logic; if 
the rules of the game are followed, you end up with that conslusion.

BTW, for what it's worth, the tape that the bird responded to when recorded 
the first Sunday was Western Birding by Ear, which does not specify where the 
recording was made. I know that it responded to another tape that day 
(different one, Will?) and probably others since.
Joseph Covington, Raleigh