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Flycatcher, not yesterday

Well, since I only live a few miles from the Flycatcher site I decided to hop 
in the 4 wheel drive and go see how things were faring for the "Western" 
visitor, and to put out a little food.
     First, after making it up the very long steep incline of our gravel 
road, I realized I had remembered melworms, but had forgotten my binoculars.  
The hill was too steep to go back just for those, so at 3:15 PM, a time when 
he's not seen much anyway,  I headed over to Big Woods.  Roads were pretty 
bad, as were most of the drivers I encountered!
     Lots of bird activity, but didn't see the Flycatcher at all for the 1/2 
hour I spent looking, binocularless.  I put food under the fence and near the 
creek, where the earth was exposed in a few patches.  It was sunny in those 
spots at the time.  Then I sat in my car to spy, but still no appearance.  A 
Hermit Thrush enjoyed some of the worms though, and I was sure they'de all be 
eaten by that evening.
     Lots of footprints were on the gravel road and the path where we've seen 
him, dogs' and people's.  Some Pine branches had broken and fallen near the 
creek too.
     Also people from nearby houses had parked there cars by the area along 
the road where the Flycatcher foraged at times.
     Will have to try earlier next time,
Shelley Theye
N.Chatham Cty,NC