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Re: House Finches and Hummingbird feeders.

The House Finches will use them, but usually the hummers have no problem in
scattering the Finches.  They are brave little guys who chase the any bird
whether from there feeders or the seed feeders here in our yard.  If your
friend wants to be safe though, he can always get the hummer feeders without
perches and the Finches won't be able to use them.
Cathy Green
N. Augusta,  SC

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Subject: House Finches and Hummingbird feeders.

> I have a friend whose Hummer feeders have been taken over by House Finches
> to the extent that he Hummers can't feed. Does anyone know if this happing
> before?
>                                                            Reece
> Reece 'n Judy Mitchell
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