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Is there a consensus on capitalization?

Here's a question that has been nagging me for some time.  What is the accepted
method of writing the name of a bird, with capitalization or without?
(i.e should it be Blackburnian Warbler or blackburnian warbler?)  I've seen both
in usage, I tend to lean toward the first but don't know if it is correct or
Certainly birds named using a proper noun would always be capitalized (i.e. Cape
May warbler (or Warbler) and MacGillivray's Warbler).
I think I've figured out that hyphenated names (like Red-eyed Vireo as opposed
to Red-Eyed Vireo) would only have the word preceding the hyphen capitalized,
but could be wrong here as well.

Any education is appreciated.

Seems like it could be another good day for migrants.  A brief look this morning
before work revealed Blackburnian, Black & White, Am. Redstart, White & Red-eyed
Vireos, BG Gnatcatchers, and a surprise Osprey at Ritter Park.

Steve Shultz
Cary, NC
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