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A Winter Gathering and a Common Blessing

Haven't had a chance to go out of town to bird lately but just wanted to
report on the winter birds I'm getting around my birthbath and feeder.   It
reminds me of when I was a kid of 7 or 8 and was entranced by the birds at
my grandfather's feeder.  There's nothing unusual here but I'm coming to
believe there is no such thing as a 'common bird.'  My yard is in East
Columbia (SC) near Gill's Creek.   Tall Loblolly Pines dominant the yard
with a few Black and Laurelcherry Trees.  I've been seeing a lot of Cedar
Waxwings possibly going after the berrys in the Laurel Cherries and the
Ligustrums.  I have 2 Ruby Crowned Kinglets enjoying the birdbath along with
a Downy Woodpecker who seems to enjoy the garden hose that feeds the
birdbath.  The Brown-headed Nuthatches are the most numerous (besides the
Mourning Doves and Robins).  They love the black oil sunflower seeds and the
birdbath.  One of them actually sits on top of the feeder pole (3 feet away)
chiding me while I fill the feeder!!  Talk about immediate gratification!!
I also get a White-breasted Nuthatch, numerous Flickas and Red-bellied
Woodpeckers.   House Finches are common but not abundant. The Carolina
Chickadees and Titmice are also frequent visitors.  These were the first
birds I fell in love when I was a kid.  I've seen Dark-eyed Juncos at work
but not in my yard yet.  I'm getting a few White-throated sparrows but not
as many as last year.   I love their song because it always heralds the
beginning of winter for me.  I'm waiting on Purple Finches, Pine Siskins and
Goldfinches.  I haven't seen the Siskins or Purple Finches in years.  I
always assumed it was because of the mild winters.  This winter should
definitely prove or disprove that theory.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their yardbirds as well.

Thanks - James

-- James Wilson
Columbia, SC 29205