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Peregrine Falcon

Yesterday, as I was leaving the Onslow County Court House at 0910, I was
suprised to see a Peregrine Falcon soar in off the New River and check
out the old downtown. Having just seen a dozen or more at the Salton Sea
last week, there was no question about the ID.

For those of you that are familiar with old Jacksonville, you will
realize that this is the original "low rise" neighborhood. I doubt he or
she will find a suitable "cliff" habitat in these old two story-max
buildings. I suspect that this falcon hangs out on one of the several
high rise bridges over the river. In any case, this is the first one I
have seen in this county away from the coast. Old town is approximately
25 miles inland.

Maybe those birders that are as old as I am, and who remember when we
almost never saw a Peregrine, should look more carefully in locations
where they have long been absent.

Good Birding,

Buddy Garrett
Jacksonville, NC