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Cedar Waxwings

Fellow Birders:
    My first posting after being an avid reader.  However, I must share a 
wonderful sight:  2:30 p.m. the air was filled with the glorious sound of 
Cedar Waxwings.  I ran to get the binocs and was treated to a small flock of 
these most magnificent birds high up in the boughs of my sweet gum tree in 
the back garden taking a break before descending into the wax myrtles around 
my deck.  There were about l2 sitting in the sunlight, wearing their matching 
sunglasses (my son calls them Oakleys).  Why not?  They stayed only a few 
minutes, long enough to have the family enjoy them, and they were on their 
way again.  I guess they are migrating through South Charlotte.  This is the 
third season in a row they have come to my particular house (in l8 years).  I 
hope they make it a regular stopping point.  I have Bradford Pears in the 
front also, but it is early for them to enjoy anything.  I think we have been 
given a special gift today.
    Blue skies and many birds,
    Wendy Kaplan
    South Charlotte, N.C.