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Re: Early nesting!/Henderson County

Hi folks;
Have seen Bluebirds on and in the box at my parents' house, but no nest
material has been seen. Lots of song from everybody, so it's not far off.
Last year I and my wife observed a Mourning Dove juvenile, barely able to
fly, during the first week of April. Doing a little math, figuring 16 days
to hatch, at least that to fledge (I may be a little off here), we figured
the adults had to be building during February, and incubating during March.
(The very cold part of the year last year.) This is particularly
interesting, given the deplorable construction of most MoDo nests, if you
can even call them that - I have seen blue sky through their nests.
I would suspect there are some nesters, even now.
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> Folks,
> Also saw a Carolina Chickadee today taking its time checking out my
> Bluebird house. It made several trips, I didn`t have binocs handy so I
> don`t know if it was brings in materails or not.
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> At 12:31 PM 2/16/01, Wayne Forsythe wrote:
> >Folks,
> >         While out plumbing at a customers house this AM, I was rather
> >surprised to see a Carolina Wren building a new nest, (not last years) in
> >fresh Christmas Wreath next to the front door.  The location is typical
> >it seems quite early to me.  However, when I pulled into my driveway a
> >time ago, a Carolina Chickadee was taking nesting material into one of my
> >Bluebird houses.
> >
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