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Re: Peregrines in winter?

I also saw a Peregine Falcon this winter: 2/7 in the Brevard Hospital
fields/Rec Center area as it swooped down after a house finch.  

At 11:47 PM 2/13/01 -0500, goedschejanes@mindspring.com wrote:
>Someone claims to have seen a Peregine Falcon eating a Rock Dove in downtown
>Asheville last weekend. Peregrines have been reported hanging around our
>"skyscraper," the BB&T building, but would one be here in the winter? The
>Asheville Citizen-Times is doing an article on the Great Backyard Bird
>Count, and the reporter asked me what I thought about this sighting. Any
>Charlotte Goedsche
>Charlotte Goedsche/Cynthia Janes
>Asheville NC
Nancy Iha
at Slick Rock above 3000'
Brevard, NC