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Re: Robin singing

This isn't quite as spectacular from a visual point of view, but ...

I was in Carborough Tuesday  evening.  First, when I was in an office facing
the window, this mockingbird just simply couldn't contain his joy at the
upcoming spring and started singing his heart out, presumably either marking
his territory of showing off for the ladies.  Then later, as I was  standing
in a parking lot waiting for a ride home, a nearby robin began sending the
same voluble message.  Just a little touch of spring.


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> Hi y'all,
>     The robin I mentioned a few days ago couldn't contain himself any
> longer. After a brief skirmish this morning, a full 5 minutes of song in
> front yard. Shortly thereafter, a potential Mrs. was perched nearby,
> the area.
>     And Susan Campbell has some cool news about yesterday!
> Cheers,
> Gary
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