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went by the water treatment plant on hiway 55 in durham.  not much activity.
two duck families-mallard and wood ducks.  the mallard had 9 little ones,
while the wood duck around a dozen.  about 5 spotted sandpipers, one
solitary sandpiper and one lesser yellowlegs, several killdeer, redwinged
blackbirds and a couple of rough-winged swallows.

while checking the activity around my duplex,  i spotted something different
on the thistle feeder.  turned out to be a pine siskin.  hadn't seen one all
winter.  this fellow had something wrong with one leg, his "toes" couldn't
curl around the branches or perches on the feeder.  could fly without any
problem and otherwise appears ok.   was giving the gold finches a hard time.
wouldn't budge off the feeder no matter how much they tried to get him to

checked the big woods herony.  still haven't spotted the dozen nests rob
gluck has but did see about 6 nests.  the traffic on big woods is getting
terrible.  new development going in towards 64 and the dump trucks are many
and fast.  as i was heading across jordan lake on 64 towards big woods,
spotted a red tailed "hovering" in the median.  was only about 10 feet above
the grass.  this is the second time i've seen this on this stretch of 64.
how common is this behavior?  this guy  sure likes to live dangerously
considering the traffic.

lee van malssen
chapel hill, nc
northern chatham cty