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OBX Sunday

The Vesper sparrow was still hanging out on the road at the old CG station 
today, provided some great looks. Last night's cold front brought in a ton 
of junco's, which were everywhere..Oregon Inlet marina, old CG station, OB 
outlet mall, etc. When we got back home to Nags Head, we found a very tame 
Hermit Thrush in our carport and under our live oak, white-throated 
sparrows in our shrubs, and our resident Carolina Wren fussing at us while 
we were watching the thrush.

There were lots of sparrows on the road back to the USCG station at the 
Oregen Inlet marina. We found out rather quickly that since 9/11, this road 
is now closed for all except CG personnel---especially so for folks with 

Russ & Rose Lay
Nags Head, NC